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Equipment Maintenance

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1, copy lights maintenance UV lamp is the core of any set of UV systems. Proper maintenance and handling the copy lights, not only can increase the life of UV lamps, but also to ensure the UV lamp operating at maximum luminous intensity state. Once a week to check the UV lamp is mainly to find whether the following adverse signs:

2, the end of the expansion copy lamp tube ends curled whitish dust proofing copy lamp end occurs litter deposited on quartz glass

3, the end of the copy lamp black in the first three if one occurs, indicating the need for air-cooled UV system to adjust or regulate water cooling (cooling UV curing system is not normal). In addition, UV light is also necessary to take to put right. UV lamps should not be holding the glass itself, but can only hold the ceramic end, or wearing non-linen gloves. Adhesion of grease on the skin above the quartz glass, rear lights lit, the role of calories, fat will burn to copy lights surface. You need access to copy lights, after exposure to alcohol cleaning solvents can be used to scrub copy lights can remove grease lamp on.