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Do not step on the pedal and

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1 semi-automatic operation immediately. The fix is to replace the new switches, buttons, switches or repair the damaged parts relevant.

2. semiautomatic work step on the pedal drop slide, release and then rise. The fix is to replace the proximity switch or turning on the switch connection.

3 semi-automatic vertical foot switch work slide down the seat left after printing does not work. The fix is to adjust the micro switch inside the foot switch, repair, or replacement of the micro switch.

4 semi-automatic working step on the pedal, slide left to rise after drop, but not to the right. The fix is to adjust the top of the proximity switch inductive proximity switch to make it better.

5 operation after switching operation belated rise. The fix is to remove the solenoid valve and clean or replace good solenoid valve.

6 manual, semi-all does not work, the power lights. The fix is to change the low-pressure side of the fuse, check the pressure reaches 4-7kg / cm, the solenoid valve failure is unlikely, mostly broken connection.

7 automatic, semi-automatic start does not drop. The fix is to adjust the proximity switch inductive proximity switch or replace the right side, replace or repair the selector switch and a single switch.
The automatic does not start, repair method is to repair the micro switch, or replace a good timer.

9 countertops do not inhale, such failure because the suction motor burned. Fix repair or replacement.

10. countertops do not inhale, because the absorption of the control solenoid valve block bad or internal damage, the repair is to replace the repair.

11 vertical slide rise slowly, is to supply oil to repair, replacement or adjustment of the axial piston password.