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Auto scraper sharpener

Auto squeegee sharpener

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 Product : Auto squeegee sharpener


 ApplicationEspecially for sharpening squeegee of screen printing machine.

1.   Grinding wheel is imported carborundum wheel with mesh number 200 or 400, better grinding for imported or domestic squeegee at different hardness.


2.   Speed can be changed steplessly and stably and automatically switched direction according to route.


3.   Motor+ top ranked THK precise liner rail makes sharpening shuttle smoothly and stably.


4.   Lever clamp fixes squeegee quickly and steadily; outer length of squeegee and sharpening angle can be adjusted synchronously.


5.   Auxiliary dust collector absorbs chippings effectively, absorbing routine alternates along with sharpening route to reduce industry pollution, which is helpful for operator’s breath.


6.   No pressure during sharpening, non-deformation for squeegee, no waving phenomenon, ensuring sharpening accuracy.


7.   0-35°sharppening angle optional adapts to varieties of famous scrapers.


8.   Firm body, reasonable structure, painted surface, elegant appearance and anti-corrosion.


Main technical parameters: customized.

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