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Screen tension machine

Mechanical tension machine

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Product:Mechanical tension machine


Function : It’s suitable for stretching screen frame


1.     Clamping head and screen frame are all made of specialized aluminum alloy to ensure non-deformation after being stressed.


2.     Clamping head adopts brand new self-locking design, avoiding sliding and loosing.


3.     Clamping head can be moved left and right to ensure even tension force.


4.     Single-side tensioning handle wheel passes power through tooth chain to ensure synchronous clamping tension for one side.


5.     Up/down screen is driven by cylinder, flexible and reliable.


6.     It can stretch multiple screens at the same time as long as the size is within effective size of the tension machine.


7.     It can be used to make multi-color overprinting screen frame with precise overprinting accuracy.



Main parameters: customized.