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Emulsion coating machine


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Features and application:

Suitable for screen printing industry, large coating area, high coating accuracy, even coating, solving problems like unstable coating by hand and uneven coating and so on.

1). It can be set by control panel for automatic operation as well as separate operation, even if unskilled technicians can make high quality and precise screen frame.


2). Suitable for screen frame at any size and made of any material as long as its specification is within the designated scope.


3).Coating thickness is controlled by coating pressure and times.


4). There are one-side coating and synchronous double-side coating for option.


5). Normal upward coating or special downward coating is optional. Double-way speed can be changed infinitely.


6). Clamping and loosing screen frame is controlled by foot switch through pneumatic fixture, so that screen frame can be held by hands.

 Specifications: customized.

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