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Culture is soul and innovation is root,  text to carry doctrine, internalized in heart, externalized in behaviour.


Shenzhen Juisun Screen Printing Machinery Co.,Ltd bases on " people -oriented, innovation and win-win" operating principle,adhering to "innovation, quality, creating value for customer" core values, vigorously  promoting humanistic management,following no rules to inviting talents to join great cause. We believe that there is no perfect individual,but only perfect team. We've been advocated the ethical and professional standards of " pround of team, immediate action,pledging to finsh mission".


Juisun, is not only a high-tech company,but a career platform to fly individual dream. It's not only a well-know enterprise in manufacturing excellent screen printing equipment, but a school to produce talents. Our future vision is to become the first brand in the industry ,and our service idea"customer's satisfaction is the only standard to testing our work" so as to check our deficiency and continue to improve ourselves.


The company shoulders the "teamwork, diligence and entrepreneurship, and win-win" business mission, inheriting and carrying forward the "earnestly, responsible, keep promise, no excuses" style of work, with the hope in the new round of resources integration, transformation and upgrading of the industrial development, to strengthen the construction of executive force, improve the company product quality stability and delivery on time, meet the company "platform development, industrial chain win-win" business ideas.


In the foreseeable future, the company will continue to be build and improve the internal management system and operational mechanism, and from the employee's salary, welfare improvement, reasonable structure design staff amateur entertainment facilities.We regularly organize team activities, employee training system building, etc., constantly consolidate the basis of the corporate culture, enrich the connotation of enterprise culture.